Welcome to The Anchor Show hosted by Ms. Ileane of This show covers top-level podcasting tips, and digital media tutorials that will inspire you on your content creation journey.
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About the Host

Ileane Smith

Ileane Smith

Podcaster, Live Streamer and YouTube Content Creator.

Ileane Smith is the host of The Anchor Show. She started podcasting in 2009 and she focuses on helping others get started with podcasting and using other online platforms like YouTube and live video. If you like the show, Buy Me a Coffee.


Black Enterprise

Ileane talks regularly with many early adopters, innovators and leaders in the field of SEO, blog tips and monetization. Because she functions in a community of game-changing, new media influencers and has built a business centered on engagement, we met up with her to learn about the role of engagement in building her business.

Small Business Trends

When Smith began blogging in 2009 (at her daughter’s urging), she was frustrated to find so few genuinely useful resources to help her make the most of her blogging efforts. So, like any smart entrepreneur, she decided to fill the gap herself by starting Basic Blog Tips.


Because she herself is still a student of podcasting, she is able to use curation to find and look through articles and learn in the process.

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