Always Celebrate Your Podcasting Wins

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Do you celebrate when you reach your goals? I'm taking the time to savor the moment and recapping the shows that helped me reach 10 thousand listens on Ms. Ileane Presents The Anchor Show. Here are the top most listened to shows:

Tied for the #4 spot with 161 listens each (as of 1/25/19) are “How Anchor is Solving Podcaster’s Pain Points” dated 10/7/18 and “Anchor Introduces Smart Background Music” from 9/18/18.

The #3 most listened to episode is from 1/17/18 with 176 listens. It’s by far one of my all-time favorite episodes because it’s all about the power we have as podcasters. This one is called “Podcasters CANNOT be Denied”.

At #2 with 183 listens is "Introducing the New Anchor Course" from 3/21/18

And the all time favorite and most listened to episode with 199 listens is “Your Anchor Show is Now Listed on Spotify” from 7/14/18

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