Prime Day Tips, Mac OS Catalina Preview and more Podcasting Stories

19 minutes

Podcasters need to be informed about Amazon Prime Day! It's coming on July 15 - 16th. Get your wish list ready now. You can go here to get started now:

Don't forget to make a stop at Whole Foods for your $10 bonus and get more Amazon monetization tips on my YouTube Community Tab

Have you checked out the public beta聽of the upcoming Mac OS Catalina? My friend Tish Rosales has and in a rare audio appearance you can hear what she thinks. Follow Tish on Twitter for more of her brilliant advice.

Shout out to Reg from Coffee Black Show for his help with today's #PodStories episode.聽

Where were you when the lights went out on Facebook? ICYMI there was an outage on the platform last week and a few weeks back it was completely down and so was Instagram and WhatsApp. Are you dependent on these platforms to stay connected with your audience? I hope not but call in to the show and share your thoughts.聽


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